Argumentative essay

In argumentative essay, you have to prove your point of view with facts, statistics, quotes of experts in the area, personal observations and other kinds of proof. Such type of essay can also be titled "persuasive". For persuasive essay you will have to study a controversial topic which does not have only single opinion and solution, carefully research all facts and evidences, and come up with your own position. You state this position in a thesis statement, and will try to prove it in the body of the essay. The conclusion of the paper should confirm and reinforce your thesis statement.

In the body of your paper, you will have to debate your point of view with help of factual evidence, statistics, experiments, observations, polls, and any other data that you can find. It's very good for an argumentative essay to address alternative points of view and show their weaknesses or flaws of arguments. You have to show that compared to all opposing views and opinions, you stance is the one that has most credibility, persuasion and factual support. Also, it's a good strategy to think of potential counter-arguments for your opinion and try to address them in your paper, discussing possible weaknesses of your solution but proving that despite these weaknesses, your solution or point of view is more wholesome and persuasive than others.

Argumentative essay writing teaches you to analyze facts, criticize opposing opinions on the basis of facts rather than mere emotions and tastes, to see both positive and negative effects in controversial events and issues. All of these skills will be very helpful in your life. Still, it's very hard to make a good argumentative paper for the very first time without any prior experience. If you need professional help in researching, drafting or writing your argumentative essay, do not hesitate to consult our experts or order a paper on our site.

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