Why we're so special

Smart writer match

According to the information you enter in your order requirements, our system picks the best candidate for your exact assignment. Moreover, you have an option of choosing a writer on your own.

Thorough stage-by-stage checkups

All orders are permanently monitored by our editors and managers. We check all drafts, preliminary and final papers, accompanying files and revisions for compliance with order details and quality standards to make sure that the final paper meets your expectations.

Experienced and friendly customer service

Most of our customers mention our friendly customer service as one of our main assets. For 5 years of operation we have been committed to providing our customers with fast, effective and constructive support. We work extended hours to promptly respond to your inquiries.

Safe multi-layered timeline

You won't miss your deadline and will avoid any disappointing last minute surprises. It allows you to set deadlines for drafts and individual parts of your order. Also, every writer is assigned individual deadline modifier based on their reputation with us.

Intelligent order management

Direct communication with your writer, file upload, real-time discussion of drafts and revisions, draft requests, schedule for order submission and other 20 order management instruments on our site allow you full control over order execution process.

100% plagiarism free content

Our editors check every outgoing paper with our special plagiarism detection software to ensure 100% originality of the paper. Writers who have ignored our strict anti-plagiarism policies get immediately fired. Therefore our writers team contain only verified and experienced experts.

North American writers and editors

Unlike most other custom writing services, we provide native speaking writers to our North American customers. You can be sure that you will not receive a paper written by Pakistani writer with poor language skills. Our flexible win-win pricing schema allows us to adjust writer rates and to differentiate between U.S. nationals and those from the rest of the world. Along with experienced and loyal customer service reps, writers whose first language is English are our main asset which we aren't going to give up in favor of doubtfully higher income.

Direct Client-Writer communication

You do not have to support manager's reply to send your writer a note or receive any information from them. Sending messages to writer via administrator is really time-consuming and inconvenient. On our site, you can see who's working on your paper and send messages, files, draft and revision requests to your writer in real time.
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