Argumentative Writing That Truly Stands Out

What can make an argumentative writing stand out from the other similar papers? Especially if all the papers tackle just one argument or topic? This is often the case in college essays, more importantly in argumentative writing wherein students in a class are given just one topic or argument to write about.

If you’re a student who always wants to come up with the best school paper, then this is one dilemma you must be experiencing or have experienced in the past. There is no single factor that can make an argumentative writing stand out. It is the combination of various factors, foremost of which is the presentation of the facts.

It is the facts that give any argumentative paper the credibility that it is trying to achieve from its readers. And it is the facts that provide the main foundation on which argumentative essays rely upon to prove whatever point or argument they are trying to tackle.

It is important to note that we call it facts and not just opinions. An opinion is a different thing because it is just a statement of what the writer believes in, irregardless of whether it is the right argument or not. But if the writer relies on facts in his argumentative writing, then he is using numbers and verifiable statements that have more weight than mere opinions.

The next important thing to consider is the structure of the argumentative writing. The thesis should be stated in the opening paragraph, followed by the supporting ideas and then the opposing ideas. By stating the supporting ideas first, the writer can better instill on his readers’ minds the importance of his argument.

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