How to write an essay really fast

If you are a student, you probably had to work on a tight deadline more than once or twice. Sometimes it is the objectively huge workload, and sometimes it is the procrastination that brings to you the point where you have to write a ten-page essay in two hours. In any case, if you find yourself in this situation, you need some tips to help you with essay writing.

Draft your essay in your head

Even if you are short on time for writing your essay, you should try to increase the general time you spend working on it. A lot of minutes are sometimes spent sitting blankly in front of the computer screen, thinking about the first sentence. To avoid it, start writing your paper before you actually start writing it. Draft the main ideas and the essay plan in your head. Sometimes you can go as far as creating full paragraphs without writing them down. Do it outside your study time – when you are in the shower, on a walk with your dog, taking a bus to school. This way, you can increase the general amount of time you spend working on the assignment, but decrease the time you need to type you thoughts.

Imagine you are making a speech

Spoken style is, of course, very different from written one, and should you write down your thoughts as if you were talking to the audience, the text will definitely require editing after. However, imagining you need to speak on a certain topic real-time and trying to type your thoughts at the speech speed can really help you with your essay writing. Even with the time editing the language and the structure takes, you will still benefit from not trying to make a perfect sentence before writing it down.

Hire a good essay writer

Finally, if you are at your wit’s end about how to manage to submit your essay on time, you can always hire a good writer. People who do academic writing for a living are experienced in working under pressure without it affecting the quality of the final product. Moreover, the assignments are often repetitive, so the writers can recycle their previous research. Every text we create is unique, but if the writer already knows something about 'Enron' case, or is familiar with the common arguments for and against legalizing marijuana and doesn’t have to put extra effort into using the search engines and the library, it might be easier for them to write the essay really fast than it would be for their customer.

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