How to Revise a Draft

Not everyone possesses the skill to write the ideal first draft and submit the essay without prior revising. And in fact, noone should. Unless it’s the in-class essay you only have a couple hours to complete, you usually have enough time to revise your initial draft and improve your essay before it goes into your professor’s inbox.

If you request help with essay writing, you can also ask your writer to submit one or more drafts as the work on your essay progresses. However, don't make the final judgment about the quality of your paper based on the draft you received. Such is the nature of drafts – they have room for improvement. Supposed you are writing a paper on your own, here are a couple tips on how you should revise a draft to make it into a complete and well-written essay.

First, structure. You must have heard many times how important structure is for essays. At the same time, it is not easy to produce a structured text at once. So, after you write down all of your ideas in your draft, give it another read and think, if you can rearrange them, put them in a more logical order, or throw in a couple connecting sentences for the smooth transition between the paragraphs. Sometimes it seems you need to rewrite your paper almost completely, but it doesn’t mean that the previous work was in vain. In some cases thoughts are best structured after they are written down, and you need the first draft stage for that. After you rearrange the essay, don’t forget to amend the outline and the footnotes accordingly (that is, if you have any).

Then, spelling and style. Once you are done with working on the content, you can pay more attention to the language of you paper. Be sure to use synonyms and pronouns to avoid repetition. Check if your connectors are in place. Watch out for correct usage of ‘then’ and ‘than’, ‘it’s' and 'its', ‘a’ and ‘an’ and such. Even if you know the rules, you can still make an occasional mistake.

Finally, check for the format requirements. Is your title page, your page margins, font size, citations all done according to your professor’s instructions? And remember, if you ask for our help with the essay, our writers will do all the tedious work for you!

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