Expository Essay Writing: Focus on Facts and Relay Information. It's That Simple!

Most writing is done from the perspective of the writer and most essays are designed to explain the opinions of the author. However, an expository essay is different. In this type of essay, you are simply to report the views of others in a fair and unbiased manner. Do not infuse the essay with any personal opinions or points. The point of an expository essay is to present a topic and to provide information for the reader that will explain difficult elements of the topic. It does not develop or present an opinion, but simply facts about a topic.

How to Write an Expository Essay

An expository essay is very orderly and presents information in such a way that will explain the topic. One of the first things that is required in such writing is an ample amount of research. It is absolutely critical for you to know and understand the facts of the topic.
The next step is for you to present the information gathered about the topic. This is the main focus of an expository essay. You need to clearly relay ideas in other articles and research.
Presenting the thesis, explaining the supporting ideas and breaking down the underlying motivations behind the articles being presented are essential steps that must be taken in order to ensure a successful expository essay. Another important aspect of such an essay is to place the articles in a larger context of the field of study to which the articles pertain. This will help to have all articles connecting to a larger subject matter. Regardless of the topic chosen or the articles presented, it is essential for you to explain the information effectively to the audience of your essay. Ensuring that the readers will always know the thought process of the author (you) by clearly communicating each step will be a great help in defining the clarity of the essay. Again, it is important to leave out personal bias and analysis. Keep the focus of your essay on the facts and simply relay information.



  • Thesis: Narrow and focused
  • Present background for the topic


  • Each paragraph must be specific and explain something about the thesis
  • Focus on transition language to provide flow and continuity


  • Restate the thesis
  • Recap key supporting points
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