Censor, Censure, Sensor, and Censer

If you buy a term paper, you might end up with a shoddy job. The only way to be sure is to look for tale-tell word confusions. Here are four that sound nearly identical and even native writers confuse. If the writer is well educated his or her brain will have built in sensors to detect an incorrect word switch and will censor it before they type it.

We are talking about censor, censure, sensor, and censer. You probably had never even seen one or two of these before. That means you would have substituted one of the others for that one, had you ran across the context in which you had to write it.

When we want to prevent some language from being expressed, whether written or spoken, in media or in person, this is censor.

  • In America, the government is not allowed to censor the newspapers. They are free to print what they like.
  • Censorship is still a reality in Russia, under the current political pressures.

A closely related word, and easily confused one, is censure. This is when someone is prohibited not only in words, but more importantly in action.

The lawyer was censured due to his misconduct. He was not allowed to practice law.

When we are talking about a device that detects changes in the surrounding environment without human interaction, this is a sensor.

The library was protected by motion sensors in every entryway.

The least common of the four words is the tool in church for carrying the burning incense. It is often made of brass and hung on a chain. This is a censer.

Be careful with any term paper not produced by you. Do not just assume the writer is educated well enough to have the built-in faculties to avoid these switches.

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