Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and effect essay deals with exploring why things happen and what they may lead to. It's not compulsory to discuss both causes and effects of some issue in one paper, you can concentrate on either causes or effects of an event, action or phenomenon, depending on your objectives and discussed topic. But of course there can be topics where discussion of both causes and effects is necessary. Thus, the issue of global warming, unless you explicitly decided to concentrate solely on causes or effects, needs discussion of both.

Here are some examples of cause and effect essays that focus on causes solely: the causes of winds, storms and other weather phenomena, causes of economic crises, causes of wars, causes of population decline in certain country or region of the world, causes of world hunger, causes of aurora polaris, etc. There is no limit to examples of cause and effect essays aimed at discussing causes. The topic can depend on your subject, things that interest you, and urgent issues of the day.

If you need to write cause and effect essay with focus on effects, you can consider such topics as effects of smoking, effects of pollution, effects of computer games on kids' development, effects of litter on your local community, effects of free market for developing countries, effects of early marriages, effects of fast food on health or local economy, etc. In this type of essay, you may briefly discuss reasons of phenomena, but still put most of your attention and research efforts into discussing consequences.

Topics that usually encompass both causes and effects include global warming (as we mentioned earlier), organized crime in communities, emergence and decline of nation-state, causes and effects of world wars, use of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals in food, and many other topics.

Be sure to support your discussion of causes, effects or both with facts and data your find during your research. Don't forget to cite your sources peoperly. Pay attention to all possible causes and effects of the issue, and try to figure out which of them has most influence. You can focus on direct causes only, or if the issue seems important and you have time, try to find out indirect causes or effects related to your situation. This will help devising a solution that addresses not only direct causes and effects, but manages problem in a more systematic way. In your conclusion, suggest methods of addressing negative causes or effects.

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