Article Review: Analyze What You've Read

When writing an article review, it is important that you take time to read and digest all the ideas that are included in the article first. You cannot evaluate or make valid comments if you haven’t read the essay in its entirety. The primary goal when you want to write a report on an article review is to understand where the author is coming from. That way you will be able to make a good analysis of his arguments and therefore be able to comment reasonably and logically.

Here are some steps on how to write a report based on article reviews:

  • Spend time reading and rereading so you will be able to clearly understand the article.
  • Do not take notes while reading for the first time so you could check if you got the main idea.
  • Read again and this time with the objective to analyze the information. This will need some note taking.
  • Read the article again to catch any subliminals and to view the article from another perspective.
  • Ask yourself what you find most interesting about the article.
  • Check how the author paced his contents and how he managed supported any facts he stated in the article.
  • Evaluate if the article is convincing and if the information presented is valid and accurate.
  • What questions do you have that were not answered by the article?
  • How did the author present the entire article? Do you think he presented the article very well?

When you have taken time to evaluate an essay for article review, you will have enough bullets to fire when you start your to write a report about it.

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