How to Write a Report: Identifying Pitfalls

When you start on a project for school like a college report or book report, you need to know how to write a report effectively so that you will be able to present your ideas clearly and succinctly. Even those who have already been writing for some time now would also find themselves trapped in some pitfalls when there is a need to write a report. Here are some of these pitfalls:

  • Doing research at the last minute, or simple cramming. This is the most common reason for incomplete projects – procrastination. Since the students think that their college essays or college reports are not due until next month, they will postpone the preparations again and again until it’s too late to come up with a complete work.
  • Not focusing on the text contents first – instead, you do some tweaking of photos you think would spice up your report. The photos can help back up the thought or message but the text or copies are what the reports are about. So, prioritize the article first. Besides, it will be easy to do this once the entire assignment is complete.
  • Commit plagiarism or duplicating another writer’s exact wordings. It is a worst case if you claim to be the source of the data when you’re really not. Make a list of references or bibliography of your references and sources.
  • Use a single source or reference for all the information you need. You should learn to utilize all other sources of information. Aside from the more popular Internet, books or encyclopedias are still very much reliable, as well as the newspapers and magazines. Interviews with professionals or experts would also be a very good source for quotations, statistics, or any other valid information.

These are things to avoid if you want to learn how to write a report that is complete and effective.

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