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Original, search engine optimized articles to promote your website on the Net and improve your conversion rates.

Links generated with the outsourced content will help you get more impressions over the Web while smart, creative content will convert more website visitors into buyers.
Pure numbers: 7,581 orders written by 214 writers for 1,617 customers since 2005

Web content writing specs

  • Better SERPs due to search engine content optimization
  • Keyword density at 3-5% (perfect for organic promotion)
  • Keywords in title and in article body
  • Plain distribution of keywords throughout the text
  • HTML or BBcode formatted
  • Delivered in Windows® DOC, DOCX, Apple® PAGES, GNU/Linux ODT formats and in universal RTF and plain TXT formats.

Content is the King – that’s what any webmaster will tell you on the Internet. Web content is what makes the Internet alive. Good content drives literally tons of traffic from everywhere: social networks, bookmarking sites, news aggregators, blogosphere… anywhere! Even Digg alone is able to lead thousands of visitors to your website or blog within just an hour after you have posted your content online. We can help you drive tremendous traffic to your online resource without an effort.

The trick here is that the more quality web content you provide at your website or blog, the more exposure it gets on the Internet. Internet users are crazy about sharing great stuff with the world. Today’s technologies make sharing a matter of a mouse click. If your content is worth reading, it gets promoted Web-wide within seconds. However, grabbing users’ attention online has become an extremely hard task. Users get overwhelmed with information. New content arrives every moment. So, technically the article that has brought you hundreds of visitors this morning is drowned deep in the ocean of online information in the afternoon. That is why you have to permanently hold your users’ attention by providing them with new attractive content. Brand awareness on the Internet is gained through recurring impressions, i.e. a person gets acquainted with your website after having occasionally spotted you on the Web several times within a short period of time.

Our company employs professional writers who are able to produce loads of creative, attention-driving web content for a small fee. Our web content products include:

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Website pages (Company/Product information, FAQ, static pages)
  • Sales copies
  • News & Press releases
  • Newsletters
  • Product reviews
  • Blog reviews
  • Forum posts

Blog writing is essential part of website promotion - content drives organic traffic to your website and converts visitros into buyers or subscribers.

Second most important technique in website promotion is article distribution through third-pary websites, such as article directories, other people's blogs, or news websites like Digg, Reddit, Propeller, Mixx and the like.

Participation in forum/group discussions (read Facebook, too) builds your authority in localized communities that are related to your sphere of expertize. Not only it positions you as an expert, it again drives traffic to your website via direct links placed in signature.

Apart from content distribution, blog commenting is the most effective website promotion technique. Good comments add value to blog posts written by other authors and again lead traffic to your website.

Newsletter writing
helps you retain connection with your subscribers, establish you as a niche expert, and build reputation. Once subscribed, a person continuously gets reminders about your service along with fine content and latest updates on your events, promotions, etc. Since brand awareness is crucial for your presence on the web, newsletter is another tool in best marketing practices.

Press releases are distributed both over the web and offline by reputable sources in a very sophisticated manner which helps to get to the part of potential audience which is unreachable by any other media means.

E-books are commonly used as fine instruments to hook potential subscribers up with complete set of information in their area of interest. Even if the person never returns to your website again, they would still have a copy of your e-book on their desktop, which they may refer to anytime in the future. The link to your website placed in the e-book can lead the reader to your website, and your contact information posted in the document will allow the potential client to reach you directly. One of the best things about e-books is that they are incredible reputation building tool.

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